What is Voice Search?

Voice search allows users to speak into a device as opposed to typing keywords into a search query to generate results.

By 2020, 30% of all website sessions will be done via Voice Search, allowing users to search for products and services without actually having to scroll through sites on desktops and mobile devices.

Voice search uses speech recognition technology to understand what users are saying with extreme precision. It then delivers results orally to the users. This service is going to be a significant factor for all local businesses wanting to tap into this growing trend.

Google Assistant, Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa all utilize voice search capabilities to provide this fantastic functionality.


Voice Search Impact SEO Rankings?

Voice search optimization will drastically improve user’s experience, and because of that, half of all online searches will be done via voice search by 2020.

The point of SEO is to rank websites accurately so users can find the best information for their search query as quickly as possible. User experience is, ultimately, at the forefront of search engine optimization.
Keep in mind that voice search SEO and traditional website SEO are different. Therefore, some factors that affect website rankings may or may not have the same effect on voice search – and vice versa. It’s wise to use or hire agencies who are using it on their websites.

These days, users can speak full sentences into a smartphone, and Google, Siri, Cortana, or Alexa will recognize it with ease. No longer do we need to speak slowly and thoughtfully. We’re able to rattle off anything at an average speaking rate, and it’ll be understood with 95 percent accuracy.

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